Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hydro Glow Fishing Light Review

The Bottom Line

I was impressed with the number of baitfish drawn to the Hydro Glow Fishing Light. It worked well to draw them in and attract game fish that you could catch. If I had a dock or fished in one spot at night I would have one of these lights.


  • Bright green light attracts baitfish in freshwater
  • Made for mounting on dock or submerging
  • Low power draw from batteries


  • Expensive


  • Fishing light made to attract baitfish and game fish at night
  • Green color for freshwater and blue for saltwater
  • Can be mounted above the water or submerged

Guide Review - Hydro Glow Fishing Light Review

In a night bass tournament I fished around a dock with a Hydro Glow Fishing Light on it. I came in second and landed six keepers near the dock. There were shad around the light the whole time I was near by, over five hours.
The light comes in green for freshwater and blue for saltwater. There were both colors being tested in the water and the shad definitely circled the green light. The shad brought in the bass, and other fish like crappie.
The light I fished around was a prototype LED light not on the market yet. It is submersible and draws little 12 volt power, extending battery life. And it lit up the water for several feet.
Although the light is expensive, it did a much better job than dock lights nearby that I checked out. One was a bright street light on the end of a dock and it had a few bream around it, but no shad and I didn't get any bites there. The other light was dimmer and right on the water, and there was brush under it, but no shad and no bites.
If you fish at night the Hydro Glow Fishing Light would be well worth the price.


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