Friday, July 27, 2012

Trolling Crank Baits

By Pro Fishing Guide Ron Fulk

Summer is a great time to troll for suspended muskies. One of the most important factors of trolling lures is knowing the depth they are running.

All lures have a max depth they will run, without adding weight. Keep adding line and crank baits will keep diving until they reach the maximum depth, beyond that point it does not matter how much line you add, it will not go any deeper, it may even come up some.

The max depth is determined by line diameter, the thinner the line the deeper the max depth will be.

You don’t always have to run your crank baits at their maximum depth. For example, if your targeted species is suspended at ten feet, it doesn’t make much sense to run your lures at fourteen feet. If you shorten the amount of line that you have out, you can restrict the depth your lures will run.

There are two ways to measure your line out, one way is with line counter reels, and the other way is to count the passes on your level wind reels. Your level wind reels is the part of your reel that moves back and fourth on the reel to distribute the line evenly on the spool.

For example, if you want to target the ten feet range, find a flat area of the lake where you can get your boat in ten feet of water for a distance. Next, let out your line counting the number of passes (or feet) until you make bottom contact, from then on with that amount of that particular diameter line, your lure will always run ten feet deep. If you change your line diameter you will have to recalibrate the line distance. 

Now you are ready to move out over deeper water and start trolling your crank baits, knowing your lure is at the desired depth range, looking for and catching suspended muskies.

Tite lines,
Ron Fulk
Licensed Fishing Guide
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