Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tying Fishing Line Knots

Fishing Line Knots

Fishing line knots, or knots in your fishing line, are important. I have said many times that my fishing line had never failed me. One reason is I learned to tie a good fishing line knot years ago and I make sure I tie it right every time. My knots have never failed me since learning to tie them right, either.
Fishing Line Knot Effects
To see the effect of a bad knot, try to break 20# test line. Then tie an overhand knot in the middle of it and try to break it again. It will be less than 10# test. The line cuts itself when the loops work against each other. A bad fishing line knot actually cuts itself in two!
Improved Clinch Fishing Line Knot
The first good knot I learned to tie was the improved clinch knot. I learned it from the information in a pack of Stren line. I loop it 7 times and wet the line before pulling it tight. This knot holds in every line I use. I have tied it so much, I can tie it in the dark by feel, an important trick during night tournaments!
Wet Your Fishing Line Knot?
Tests have proven that wetting the knot before pulling it tight does not help. I do it every time anyway. Those same tests show it is important to pull a knot tight and I think wetting it helps. It may just be in my mind, but it works for me!
Other Fishing Line Knots
Palomor knot and several others are also good. I have tried them but, since I have confidence in my improved clinch knot, I always go back to it.
Some of the new "super" lines need special knots. They may be so slick they need a drop of glue to keep them from slipping. Follow the instructions that come with the line.
Learn To Tie A Fishing Line Knot
Learn to tie a knot through information in the above links, in line packages, get a friend or someone at a sporting goods store to show you, or check out the knot tying site at Fish 4 Fun. Find one that works for you, tie it right every time, and it will not fail.
Share Fishing Line Knot Information
What is your favorite knot? Tell me about it. Do you have some fishing stories related to the knots you use? If so, you can also post a comment on our Blog.

As Always, Keep a tight line!


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