Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where To Get Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

By Ronnie Garrison,

How important is your fishing rod? It can make the difference between cramping hands and exhaustion at the end of the day or relative comfort after a hard day's fishing. Fishing rods can also make the difference between catching fish and fishing. Get the right rod for the fishing you do, increase your comfort, and catch more fish.

Rods are very specialized. For bass fishing you need a heavy rod for worms, a long, somewhat limber rod for crankbaits, a short, stiff rod for spinnerbaits and a light rod for casting ultralight lures. Choose from spinning or baitcasting - you can get all actions in both. Walleye fishermen need different rods for different applications, too.

Check specifications for several name brand rods. All Star, Setyr, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Berkley,Lamiglas, and Zebco all make good rods, as do other companies. see if they offer what you want.

Discount houses like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela'soffer wide selections of rods by mail order or in person if you live near one of their stores. Smaller stores like M&N, Night Stick, Personal Touch, Rod and Reel Pro Shop and Vermont Rainbow Rods offer more specialized services, as do many other local tackle stores, and many of them will build a rod to your specifications.

If you really want a personal rod, get a blank and supplies from the above manufacturers and build your own. If you need help, get info, and all your supplies from The Fishrworm.

Whether you buy or build a rod, take care of it. Rods can last many years if you do not abuse them. When you get one you like you will want to use it for a long time.

Keep a tight line!


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