Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day Fishing

Fathers Day Fishing Memories

Fathers Day is a time to honor our fathers and remember them if they are no longer with us. From giving them Fathers Day fishing gifts to remembering past Fathers Day fishing trips with them, take time to think about fathers. And if you are a father, help make fishing memories with your kids.

Fathers Day Fishing Gifts

Many fathers like fishing and fishing gifts would be great presents for Father's Day. If you are stuck for ideas this list has some unusual things that your father might enjoy. Some standard gifts like rods, reels, line, creels and lures are always good. And if you give your father a fishing gift for Father's Day maybe he will take you fishing!

Father's Day Memories

My father did not love fishing like my mother did, but I realize now he did a lot to make it possible for me to spend many happy hours fishing. The times we did go together are very special. Remembering those times at Father's Day are sad since he died in January, 2000 and all I will ever have are the memories since we can't make any more. If you have kids make memories every chance you get.

Fishing With Father

My father did not like to fish very much but he did some amazing things to help me go fishing. They were even more surprising when I look back because I now realize he was doing them for me, not because it was something he wanted to do for himself. I am sure your father did things to help you go fishing, too.

More Fishing With Father

From bragging about a big bass I caught to doing my jobs so I could go fishing, daddy did a lot to help me go fishing all during my life. I know now he also made sure I had enough money for tackle, although I always wanted more.

Fishing with Father - A Son's Thanks

Steve Edwards shares memories of fishing with his father. Many of us owe our love of fishing to our parents and fathers play a very important part in molding our lives. The lucky ones of us have good memories and have positive influences. Some may not have such good memories but if our fathers helped us develop into fishermen we owe them our thanks.

Fishing with Father - Fishing Brings Us Together

Harry Temple remembers the influence his father had on his life and how his love of fishing developed. This week is a good time to concentrate on the good things we remember about our fathers and enjoy them. Father's Day is also a good time to thank our fathers for their good influences if they are still around. It is also a good time to do things with your kids that they will thank you for in the future.

Brian Hurley and Son

Back in 1998 Bryan Hurley sent in a "fishtale" and said "Last Friday, an event happened that will change the way I fish forever. My three year old son Fletcher, looked me square in the eye and said, "Daddy, I want to go fishing with you." This story shows how important fathers taking kids fishing can be - for both. I have not heard from Bryan but I hope, 11 years later, he is still fishing with his son.

Tony Hill and His Father

Tony Hill fishes north Georgia lakes and does well in tournaments. He fishes with Castaway Rods and uses a variety of baits. This is a picture of him and his father with two of the bass that helped them win a tournament at Lake Weiss, on a big largemouth and the other a big spot. There are several more pictures of him with bass he caught in several different lakes in this gallery.

Fathers Can Be Funny

Sometimes fathers can be funny. This joke shows how fathers need to know all things for their kids.

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